School Staff

Administration and Supporting Services:

Chief Executive Officer - Tracie Kennedy
Administrator - K-6 Elementary Education - Darice Hampton
Administrator - 7-12 Secondary Education  - Brian Stugart
Administrative Coordinator - William Deavor 
Director of Special Education - Carrie Doyle
Administrative Assistant - Mary Jude Weaver
Administrative Assistant - Kristal Shade
Administrative Assistant (Human Resources) - Sonya Downing
Business Manager - Debra Mauck 
Technology Director - Jeremy Rossman 
Central Office Manager - Lorma Weaver
Social Worker - Melody Latsha
School Nurse - Jane Abbott
School Nurse - Lori Barner
Maintenance - David Duck, Lance Smith, Guila Mertz and Kurtis McCloskey
Van Drivers- Jerry Walker, Renee Holdren, and James Gill
Right To Know/Open Records - Tracie Kennedy
504 Plan Contact -Carrie Doyle

Food Service
Food Service Director - Kathy Miller
Head Cook -  Heather Hoey   
Point-of-Sale Coordinator - Margaret Thomas


Kindergarten - Kiley Couturiaux, Brittany Hipple
Phase I - Grade 1 - Amy Rossman, Nittany Hinton
Phase I - Grade 2 - Nicole Spotts, Kiersey mcGuinness
Phase II - Grade 3 - Felicia Irvin, Heather Rogers
Phase II - Grade 4 - Amanda Blazina, Alexandria Gaydos   


Phase III - Grade 5 - Alicia Albright, Amy Hockenberry
Phase III - Grade 6 - Kathleen Bohl, Alicia Lamey
Phase IV - Grade 7&8 Social Studies - Arleen Parker
Phase IV - Grade 7&8 Science - Heidi Doyle 
Phase IV - Grade 7&8 Language Arts - William Shetler
Phase IV - Grade 7&8 Math - Michael Fry 


English - Morgan Rager, Jodie Walizer
Foreign Languages - Marie Shaw (German)
Mathematics - Broc Phillips, Michael Fry, Amber Geise, Branden Zembower
Science/Environmental Studies - Robbie Weaver,Heidi Doyle, Jamie Fox 
Social Studies - Arleen Parker, Allyson Budrow    

K-12 Specialties:

Art - Jolena Treese
Art - Kim Corl
Art - Christine Kellerman
Health and Physical Education - James Bitner, Tyler Koser
Secondary Music - Karen Strong
Elementary Music- Joe Mauck  
Agriculture - Chuck Bechdel
STEM - Donna Sorgen
High School Robotics/Computer Science- Clayton Courter
Middle School Robotics - Jeremy Rossman
Stained Glass/Coding- William Deavor
Library - Rebecca McAnany  

Special Education Services:

Special Education Director - Carrie Doyle
Teacher - Angela Basalla
Teacher - Karen Sanders
Teacher - Kristi Bechdel 
Teacher - Laura Crawford
Teacher - Justine Shady
Teacher - Kelly Day
Teacher - Christine Hill
Teacher - Lynette Kramer
Teacher - Kaylin Smith

Special Education Paraprofessionals - Shirene Bolink, Cheryl Calzada, Alicia Culvey, Rhonda Geisewite, Stacy Hunt, Hope Lamey, Patricia Leigey, Patsy Quay, Tanya Miller-Mitchell, Wendy Kerstetter, Shaylin Rossman, Tara Tressler, Chuck Walizer , Shannon Sycz, Kim Bohartz, Olivia Oechler, Michelle Stahl, Jen Miller  

School Psychologist Services - Penn State University Interns

Speech/Language Services -  Meredith Hitchcock  

Occupational Therapy / Services - Tim McDonnell (OTR/L), Holly Montarsi(COTA)  


Wrestling Coach - Jason Bilbay 
Golf Coach - Tyler Koser

Athletic Director - James Bitner
Volleyball Coach- James Bitner  
Baseball Coach - Chuck Walizer

Title I / Instructional Support Team

Title I - Krista Courter
IST/ESL - Kristin Barzona


Sugar Valley Concerned Citizens President - Carla McElwain
Charter School Teacher/Parent Association (CSTPA) - Elizabeth Dougherty

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